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So when things are breaking down in your mouth; it leads to eventual pain, greater expense and an unesthetic smile that ages us more than wrinkles.

Repair worn teeth as soon as possible to keep the expense down and reduce the future need for root canals or extractions. It's worth the expense, even when dental plans won't cover the work, because it's only going to get worse-- teeth, gums, muscles and joints never fix themselves.

How stable is your mouth?

April 08, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

If you are under 60 yrs. old and your front teeth have worn sharp edges then your mouth is headed for severe break downs. And you don't want expensive dental bills and painful toothaches or painful dental treatment like extractions done when you are retired and on a limited income. Deal with signs of instability when you can afford it and before it becomes a big deal. 

Signs to look for: sensitive teeth. excessive wear on the front teeth. any wear on the back teeth. breaking teeth. a history of root canals not from a traumatic accident. gum recession. gum disease. tooth decay even though you brush and floss. sore jaws. clicking joints.

We recommend a thorough complete examination including a series of photos, models of your teeth and gums, and assessment of your jaw positioning to diagnose and coordinate a treatment plan that suits your needs. 

Health and Safety First

March 30, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

In light of the Oklahoma Oral Surgeon's indiscretions, you will be happy to know that every instrument that can be reused is run through the recommended sterilization procedure in our office. Each load has two different monitoring systems to confirm the machine is working properly and at the end of each day biological monitoring is done to confirm the effectiveness. All disposable supplies are disposed of in the recommended safe methods. More and more the profession has switched to single use sterile instruments. This includes the burs we cut teeth with, the files we clean root canals with, the tips for lasers, suctions for saliva... The list goes on. Years ago we hired extra staff and put in extra equipment to help in the processing of instruments. Alberta has the highest standards in the world and these regulations are tightly enforced by the government. It costs more, but after the Oklahoma incident I'm sure we will all appreciate the extra steps.

New to dentistry is a video camera that scans your mouth and gives us a model of the teeth and gums. It virtually replaces the need for impressions where you have to sit with a mouth full of putty like impression material for a few minutes. This means less gagging and no awful taste. Our machine has arrived and will be up and running in a couple of weeks. We are excited to offer this new service for you comfort.

Dental visit comfort

March 20, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

We all know how positive thinking can make the difference in a situation. In a study where students were asked to spend 5 minutes imagining themselves as a college professor before an exam their marks were significantly higher. Conversely a group that were reminded of some detriment in their life ended up doing significantly worse. So what do you think about before your dental exam/visit?

Many other studies show how priming and conditioning and positive imagery makes differences in our lives. Self hypnosis has actually been used to do surgery on patients without any anesthesia.  Just remember though to use positive phrases. Your body and mind don't hear adjectives and adverbs very well. So say "I am okay with this" not "I am not going to be afraid". 

Want Whiter teeth?

March 18, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

Whiter teeth give a younger appearance and actually can reduce bacteria and improve the gums. While it may make teeth sensitive, it is only temporary and there are several techniques/products that can reduce that issue. Whitening works best on clean teeth, so see your hygienist first. In office whitening is a good jump start but don't get caught paying more than $ 300 for that procedure, unless they provide a cleaning as well. A slower, but very reasonable priced technique is the paint on or brush on whiteners. Our office offers Klox brand.

Be careful of trying to replenish your body with fruit juices. They are acidic, therefore damaging to teeth and soft tissues like your digestive system. Citrus fruits --especially orange also pull calcium out of the body thereby damaging teeth and reducing your calcium levels. Also by filling up on juice, you miss out on fiber, and a multitude of other good nutrients that are found in whole foods, but not in juices. The pediatric doctors suggest watering down juice till about age 12. 

In the old days (and still now for most North American orthodontist specialists) it was all about fitting teeth into the space provided by the underdeveloped jaw bones. So teeth were removed, strong forces were applied and the remaining teeth were lined up. This created a multitude of problems. As faces and teeth age the teeth came out of alignment, becoming crowded, jaw joints were also crowded adding to TMJ problems, and because the faces were constricted during the process, the airways were constricted leading to reduced oxygen intake. The leading edge in orthodontic treatment is now to promote facial development, reducing the need to remove teeth. Gentle forces promote growth and help in obtaining more genetic potential. Less teeth need to be removed to make things fit, joints are healthier and the airway is wider.


February 28, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

We've been using lasers for a few years now to treat gum disease, heal ulcerations and other lesions of the mouth (like cold sores), and to reduce sensitive teeth. The results have been amazing. Cleaning appointments become easier and gentler. So now we look towards using lasers for other services we provide. In the coming year we hope to be adding the new hard tissue laser to be able to do your fillings with more comfort than the drill. Look forward to the future--as Telus says "the future is friendly".

More options for phobics

February 12, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

The power of the mind is well known--from meditation to deep breathing to hypnosis. Even including open heart surgery without anesthetic on people who have self hypnotized themselves. One option we are happy to provide that you won't see in many other dental offices is DAVID. DAVID uses lights and sounds to put your brain into a relaxation wave pattern. And you are still in control of the situation as opposed to using sedative drugs. Ask us for a demonstration, or check out the many uses for brain wave entrainment on the internet. The options for this technology are many.