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February 28, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

We've been using lasers for a few years now to treat gum disease, heal ulcerations and other lesions of the mouth (like cold sores), and to reduce sensitive teeth. The results have been amazing. Cleaning appointments become easier and gentler. So now we look towards using lasers for other services we provide. In the coming year we hope to be adding the new hard tissue laser to be able to do your fillings with more comfort than the drill. Look forward to the future--as Telus says "the future is friendly".

More options for phobics

February 12, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

The power of the mind is well known--from meditation to deep breathing to hypnosis. Even including open heart surgery without anesthetic on people who have self hypnotized themselves. One option we are happy to provide that you won't see in many other dental offices is DAVID. DAVID uses lights and sounds to put your brain into a relaxation wave pattern. And you are still in control of the situation as opposed to using sedative drugs. Ask us for a demonstration, or check out the many uses for brain wave entrainment on the internet. The options for this technology are many. 

Dental Phobia

February 07, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

Often after giving the freezing people ask me what I just did, not knowing that I gave them the anesthetic. Modern dentistry has provided us with a few great tools that help me perform this "magic". We have long known that vibration will distract a nerve so that pain is not felt. Vibraject and DentaVibe are two products that implement this "trick". We have been using these for years now with great success. Another piece of equipment that helps is a computerized syringe (The Wand) which controls the fluid pressure. Pressure build up as the anesthetic enters (together with the acidity of the anesthetic) is what causes the sting. To reduce acidity we use a more nuetral anesthetic to start the freezing process. Once it is numbed a bit then the stronger more acidic anesthetics are used without even needing any further "tricks". Dentistry is no longer that difficult, so why risk having sedation or general anesthetic with all the negative effects on the body and potential hazards.

Jaw function and balanced bite

February 05, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

Just like orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors exam the skeleto-muscular development of your legs, back etc., we as dentists are paying attention to your jaw in a similar way. One leg shorter than the other will rotate your pelvis and cause compensatory shifts in your spine. Similarly a bite that rotates the jaw joints causes compensatory stress in the muscles and joints. Sometimes they cause pain. Sometimes they don't. But the body wears done even when it doesn't feel pain. We promote prevention to prevent that pain and so we may suggest at times that you have your bite balanced. There are multiple benefits that are felt with a better bite and the fine tuning involved in a bite equilibration is something that is not always taught in dental school. That is why I have practiced Dawson Dentistry throughout my career.