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Archive for July 2013

The Alberta Dental Association and College seems to be of the opinion that advertising is wrong for professionals. They allow us to do a certain amount only because they've had to acquiesce to the demands of the majority of dentists. In our most recent newsletter it is stated that "Educating patients is a noble pursuit perhaps not suited for a yellow pages ad, a website or a sign but rather an operatory or classroom."

So I ask-- in an age where the internet is for most of us an information source (though I admit a guarded one, just like any other one)  and considering that time is money (either directly or indirectly) How do you feel about the ADA & C's attitude? Tell me, so that I may best direct my advertising without "stepping on anyones toes". And let the ADA & C know--I'm sure they'd appreciate being told how you really feel.

I think good information/education should be readily available and that it is easy to distinguish between good and bad.