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COVID-19 UPDATE:  Our staff will be in the office Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-3pm answering calls. During this time you can speak to our office administrators or the doctor to decide if you will need to be seen in the clinic for treatment. We are following the ADA&C Guidelines for Emergency Dental Treatment and this includes extra precautions with our PPE such as N95 masks(with proper fit testing). in addition the the usual UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS THAT WE AS DENTISTS HAVE BEEN DOING FOR DECADES. Keeping our patients and our staff safe is our top priority.

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Dental Phobia

February 07, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

Often after giving the freezing people ask me what I just did, not knowing that I gave them the anesthetic. Modern dentistry has provided us with a few great tools that help me perform this "magic". We have long known that vibration will distract a nerve so that pain is not felt. Vibraject and DentaVibe are two products that implement this "trick". We have been using these for years now with great success. Another piece of equipment that helps is a computerized syringe (The Wand) which controls the fluid pressure. Pressure build up as the anesthetic enters (together with the acidity of the anesthetic) is what causes the sting. To reduce acidity we use a more nuetral anesthetic to start the freezing process. Once it is numbed a bit then the stronger more acidic anesthetics are used without even needing any further "tricks". Dentistry is no longer that difficult, so why risk having sedation or general anesthetic with all the negative effects on the body and potential hazards.

Jaw function and balanced bite

February 05, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

Just like orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors exam the skeleto-muscular development of your legs, back etc., we as dentists are paying attention to your jaw in a similar way. One leg shorter than the other will rotate your pelvis and cause compensatory shifts in your spine. Similarly a bite that rotates the jaw joints causes compensatory stress in the muscles and joints. Sometimes they cause pain. Sometimes they don't. But the body wears done even when it doesn't feel pain. We promote prevention to prevent that pain and so we may suggest at times that you have your bite balanced. There are multiple benefits that are felt with a better bite and the fine tuning involved in a bite equilibration is something that is not always taught in dental school. That is why I have practiced Dawson Dentistry throughout my career.

Killing Superbugs

January 28, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

On Sunday morning CBS News show was a piece on using chlorhexidine wipes to clean skin (killing bacteria more effectively) and hydrogen peroxide air purifier to sterilize hospital rooms. 

In our clinic we have used chlorhexidine for many years to disinfect teeth before placing any new restoration and prescribing chlorhexidine mouthrinses for people with gum disease. And Hydrogen peroxide is prescribed in the Perio Protect trays. 


January 22, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

There is a certain amount of tooth wear that is expected as we age. Excessive acid, bad bites, even emotional stress can contribute to excessive wear--making teeth shorter and even thinner. It happens gradually over time so that you don't notice it, but when excessive, it will make you look older than you actually are chronologically. Restoring them will provide you with a more youthfull smile. The change can be dramatic and most people even require a few weeks to adjust to the new feel, but a fuller brighter smiler always makes you look more youthful. The restorations also strengthen the weakend enamel and provide better protection for the underlying nerves.


January 07, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

For many years we have known of the relationship between gum disease and diabetes type II, low birth weight babies, heart attacks, strokes, alzheimer, dementia, lung diseases and pancreatic cancer. EVEN A LOW GRADE GUM DISEASE may be enough to promote these disorders. It DOES NOT have to HURT in order to be detrimental to you. By the time things hurt (or you become aware of a problem in other ways) they are usually well advanced. It appears that it is the INFLAMMATORY REACTION which is the biggest problem in aging and weakening our bodies. Ofcourse the presence of bacteria, viruses, yeasts are often the initiators. It's impossible to totally remove these things but diligent brushing, flossing and even more important using daily treatments with PERIO PROTECT trays will significantly reduce these "killers". Ask us about whether you would benefit from Perio Protect.


January 02, 2013 | Posted Uncategorized

For years now we have been providing a whitening technique that can give you healthier gums, reduce bacteria that cause decay and reduce your risk for colds and flus, heart attacks, strokes, and many other illnesses.  Perio Protect at-home daily treatments are easy to do and provide great results. Using a low dose hydrogen peroxide in the specially designed trays kills bacteria and leaves a fresh clean feel in your mouth in just 10 minutes.


December 17, 2012 | Posted Uncategorized

We are open for business as usual this week -- 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday Dec. 17 to Thursday Dec. 20 and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 21.  Dr. Vani will be available on Thursday Dec. 27 and Friday Dec. 28 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The office will then open for regular hours again on Wed. Jan. 2 


Year end greetings

December 10, 2012 | Posted Uncategorized

Our staff would like to wish you all and your friends and family the very best of the Christmas Season. And all the best in the coming year. Here's hoping you will show off your smile every day.

We are happy to announce that we have added "Six Month Smiles" (TM) and 'DentaVibe" (TM) to our services. Six Month Smiles provides cosmetic braces for adults that averages 6 months to complete. DentaVibe is another great vibration distraction instrument making the freezing process (anaesthetic) even more comfortable. We continue to train on new and exciting things in dentistry to continue to provide the best service in the industry. 

Thanks for your trust in us from Dr. Anuka, Dr. Vani and Dr. Rob

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Not many things catch one's attention like a healthy full smile. (Gillian and I fell in love with each other's smile at the first sight.) Keep your smile its best --  a beautiful smile has a direct relationship to our health. Flossing is often neglected, but statistics show daily flossing gives you 6 years of life. Some whitening products are based on peroxide ingredients. Peroxide also happens to be an antibacterial, so whiter teeth can give you a healthier mouth. A healthier mouth means a healthier body. Ask us about other ways to better health.