Health and Safety First

March 30, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized

In light of the Oklahoma Oral Surgeon's indiscretions, you will be happy to know that every instrument that can be reused is run through the recommended sterilization procedure in our office. Each load has two different monitoring systems to confirm the machine is working properly and at the end of each day biological monitoring is done to confirm the effectiveness. All disposable supplies are disposed of in the recommended safe methods. More and more the profession has switched to single use sterile instruments. This includes the burs we cut teeth with, the files we clean root canals with, the tips for lasers, suctions for saliva... The list goes on. Years ago we hired extra staff and put in extra equipment to help in the processing of instruments. Alberta has the highest standards in the world and these regulations are tightly enforced by the government. It costs more, but after the Oklahoma incident I'm sure we will all appreciate the extra steps.