How stable is your mouth?

April 08, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized

If you are under 60 yrs. old and your front teeth have worn sharp edges then your mouth is headed for severe break downs. And you don't want expensive dental bills and painful toothaches or painful dental treatment like extractions done when you are retired and on a limited income. Deal with signs of instability when you can afford it and before it becomes a big deal. 

Signs to look for: sensitive teeth. excessive wear on the front teeth. any wear on the back teeth. breaking teeth. a history of root canals not from a traumatic accident. gum recession. gum disease. tooth decay even though you brush and floss. sore jaws. clicking joints.

We recommend a thorough complete examination including a series of photos, models of your teeth and gums, and assessment of your jaw positioning to diagnose and coordinate a treatment plan that suits your needs.