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Our body is slow to tell you things are going wrong. Hence, you don't know you have high blood pressure, cancer or most illness till it advances pretty far.  This includes tooth decay. We often see tooth decay into the nerve that doesn't even bother a person.  

Trauma on the other hand is pretty immediate in its "hurt". This includes surgery, often taking a year to recover from surgery. 

Did you know having a filling done is considered a surgical procedure. It traumatizes the tooth and recovery time is required. Not long ago we considered it normal in dentistry to have sensitivity issues for months after a tooth was worked on. This has changed with the many advances in dental materials and techniques. Now we advise that after a week of sensitivity to let us know about it and we can start making adjustments to the stress level on the tooth, helping it to settle faster. This is an expected result of dental treatment, so let us know if a tooth or gums are giving yoiu problems after a week postoperatively. Every tooth, every procedure, every person is different, but we are here to help your body/tooth to recover.

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