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For many years we have known of the relationship between gum disease and diabetes type II, low birth weight babies, heart attacks, strokes, alzheimer, dementia, lung diseases and pancreatic cancer. EVEN A LOW GRADE GUM DISEASE may be enough to promote these disorders. It DOES NOT have to HURT in order to be detrimental to you. By the time things hurt (or you become aware of a problem in other ways) they are usually well advanced. It appears that it is the INFLAMMATORY REACTION which is the biggest problem in aging and weakening our bodies. Ofcourse the presence of bacteria, viruses, yeasts are often the initiators. It's impossible to totally remove these things but diligent brushing, flossing and even more important using daily treatments with PERIO PROTECT trays will significantly reduce these "killers". Ask us about whether you would benefit from Perio Protect.