Crowns are a type of dental restoration which, when cemented into place, covers a major portion of a tooth above the gum line. In comparison, fillings are dental restorations that are used to fill in or cover over just a portion of a tooth. Since dental crowns are a processed material they are significantly stronger than fillings and better replicate a tooth's natural enamel. They are also better shaped and smoother textured to fit the neighbouring teeth and gums thereby making the gums healthier. 

Crowns are used to rebuild broken or decayed teeth, to strengthen teeth, and as a means by which to enhance the cosmetic appearance of teeth. Crowns can be made out of porcelain/ceramic, gold alloy, or a combination of both. Dental crowns are often referred to as "dental caps". We recommend avoiding the use of non precious metals because the gums react badly to cheaper metals such as nickel often causing bleeding gums that become open portals for bacteria to enter into your bloodstream.

We offer same day crowns in most instances, which saves on the nuisances of having to be frozen again and having to wear a temporary/provisional plastic cap, usually for 2 weeks.