Full Mouth Restoration

If you suffer with discolored, missing, worn or damaged teeth, you know how everyday things—like eating lunch or even smiling at a friend—can be painful, uncomfortable, or even embarrassing. Things like deteriorating dental work or an overall level of neglect can create the need for comprehensive restorative treatment, or full mouth restoration. During a full mouth restoration, 22nd @ Taylor Dental will use a variety of restorative and cosmetic procedures to bring your mouth to a healthy, beautiful state. Depending on your specific situation, you may benefit from veneers, crowns, bridges, periodontal or endodontic therapies, or even dental implants and other dental work. 

Even more important than the appearance is the health risks of poor teeth and gums. These are all sources of bacterial infections that are the silent killers of our bodies. The mouth is a prime source of bacteria with potential open portals into the blood stream. Links have been found with oral bacteria and diseases such as pancreatic cancer, heart attack, stroke, alzheimer, dementia, lung infections, and low birth weight. And the oral bacteria are easily passed amongst family members.